Formentor, Mallorca

I am currently working my way through a series of posts about my favourite places on the Balearic island of Mallorca, so if you haven’t checked out part one, you can find it here.

The second place I’d like to tell you about is Formentor. In one word, this bay is ‘bliss’. I mean… just look at the picture below! The water here is so incredibly clear and beautiful, it is such a dream to swim in. Formentor is the next bay North from Puerto Pollensa, which is where I stay when I visit Mallorca. It is the quietest beach that I have been to on the island, mainly attracting Spanish visitors. Unlike the other beaches, it has barely any businesses operating on it’s front, so there isn’t much there aside from the stunning beach and amazing views. I know that it can get busier over the summer (when UK schools are closed) due to volumes of tourists arriving in the bay on boat trips from neighbouring beaches, but it still remains one of the more peaceful beaches to visit.

Formentor bay
Formentor bay

Enclosed and protected by lush, breathtaking mountains, Formentor continues to be a reasonably natural beach, with minimal pollution from tourists. Care is taken to keep it clean and free toilet and wash facilities are provided to beach users. There are a few private properties on the sea front, along with one hotel, a small shop and a restaurant.

Quiet beach
Quiet beach

Although fairly secluded, bus services are provided to Formentor from other parts of the island and the drop-off point is only a short walk (approx. 2 minutes) from the beach. There is a shop on the front which sells general holiday souvenirs and a selection of drinks and snacks. The bay also offers a range of water activities, including canoeing, sailing boats and paddle boards.

Cute little shop at Formentor
Cute little shop at Formentor

In addition to the tourist shop, Formentor also has a restaurant for visitors to dine at during their visit. I actually haven’t tried the food there, but it did look nice. I would recommend taking picnic food if you are able to, as this is what the Spanish seem to do and I could imagine the prices being expensive due to the lack of choice at Formentor. I think Formentor is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet, idyllic escape. Again, this may be suited more to older adults. As a young adult, I can imagine getting bored quickly here, so I would recommend staying elsewhere but perhaps coming for a single day to visit.

Eatery at Formentor
Eatery at Formentor

Have you been to Formentor, or anywhere else in Mallorca? Would you like to go? Let me know about your favourite places to visit.


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