Four fabulous foundations

Whilst I’m good at keeping my make-up bag to a minimum, I always like choice and it’s typical for me to own three to four foundations at any one time. I like to switch between them each day (sometimes I even mix them together), depending on what I am up to and how my skin is behaving. I am currently using four drugstore foundations and I am actually loving them all, so here’s a quick round-up in case you are in need of some purchase advice!

Firstly I should point out that I have very pale skin and have struggled for years to find a good shade match. I am going to start with Maybelline Superskin Better Skin foundation, which I bought in shade 005 light beige. This foundation claims to “even skin tone instantly” and create “better looking skin in 3 weeks”. I can’t confirm this, since my skin goes through good and bad stages anyway, but it certainly doesn’t feel pore clogging like some other foundations I have used. It has some sun protection in too (SPF 20) which always helps when you are as pale and sun-sensitive as I am! It applies very nicely and lasts all day. I would say that it has a light dewy finish, but doesn’t go shiny when I wear it without a powder (which is genius!) and the shade is perfect for me.

L’oreal True Match (Rose Ivory, 1C) & Maybelline Better Skin

Next up I’ll talk about the L’oreal True Match Foundation (which the labels have rubbed off!) This foundation is lovely. It is very light in texture, but also soft and creamy. It blends well, but I’d recommend using a brush rather than fingers if you want to achieve the best finish, as otherwise it can sometimes grip to those tiny light facial hairs around the jawline (this could be due to my moisturiser!?) It has SPF 17 which is useful, and again it doesn’t feel pore-clogging in the slightest. It has a dewy finish on me and lasts well all day when a setting powder is used. I have it in two shades- Rose Ivory 1C, which is a little too pink for me, and Ivory 1N which is more yellow-toned and suits me perfectly.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, L’oreal True Match (Ivory 1N)
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, L’oreal True Match (Ivory 1N)

Finally Maybelline’s dream satin liquid is another favourite of mine. I have this in shade 1- Natural Ivory which is slightly dark for me, so I do have to apply it over a well-moisturised face and blend well. I also have to go slightly down my neck to avoid that dreaded contrast and I definitely only ever wear this in summer when I have a light glow to my body. Aside from colour, this foundation is really nice to wear and although it makes no claims to improve skin condition, I think my skin does benefit when I wear this a lot- I certainly seem to have fewer blemishes (although it could be a coincidence). It has SPF 13, is light and dewy and doesn’t feel like it clogs my pores at all. It also feels soft to apply, which might be the ‘satin’ element and it feels more expensive than it is.

I love all four of these foundations and really enjoy having the choice of which one to wear each day. If you are looking for a drugstore foundation that is suitable for pale, combination skin- I hope this has helped! Let me know what foundations you love to wear.


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