The January Tag

I was in the mood to do a tag post so searched for a January tag, but I couldn’t find one so I made up my own! If you enjoy reading my answers and feel like giving it a go yourself, let me know – I’d love to read your answers 🙂

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution (if yes, what was it and how’s it going so far)?

No, I didn’t actually bother this year. Although I did ask a couple of people to give me tips on what personal goals they think I should work on in 2017, so I’m giving that a go instead.

What is your favourite thing about this month?

The crisp air outside. It feels so clean and fresh to breathe in. Hahaha.

On what date did you eat the last of your Christmas chocolates?

Errr, the 6th!

What is on your wishlist for payday at the end of the month?

I really want to book a holiday for later in the year. Just need to decide where to go first.

What is your go-to dinner on these cold evenings?

I love anything with mash and gravy really… Oh, and yorkshire puddings!

Which TV show have you been enjoying most this month?

I haven’t been watching much TV but First Dates Hotel is easy to watch and I’ve seen the first couple of episodes.

Describe the coat that’s been keeping you warm this January.

It’s a dark grey woolly one from H&M – goes down to the top of my thigh, has two big pockets on the front and one large black button halfway down. It only cost me ÂŁ10 in the sale last year.

Been loving baths or showers?

Baths – to use up all my Lush products from Christmas.

Prefer the dark mornings or dark evenings?

Dark evenings. I hate these dark mornings!

Cosy bed socks – yay or nay?

Love them in the evening, but I take them off when I go to bed.




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