My love for Disney

Like many, I grew up with Disney and I’ll never stop loving it, ever. If you read my previous post you will know that I am returning to Disney World next year and I cannot wait, but lets be honest, an occasional trip to Florida is not enough for a true Disney fan, so I thought I’d share some of the other Disney things that feature in my life…

First and foremost is my Disney Life subscription. Disney Life is great for people who love to watch Disney films and there’s much more on there too, like the soundtracks, Pixar films, Marvel films and the ones many people would forget as Disney – High School Musical, The Princess Diaries, The Lizzie McGuire movie, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. I think it is well worth the £4.99 a month as you can watch as many films as you like (this is not sponsored btw).

My Disney dressing gown from Primark. I love snuggling in my dressing gown on an evening and the fact that it’s got Mickey Mouse ears and has Mickey printed all over it is just a big bonus.

My Disney headphones from Primark. These were totally children’s but who cares!? Pastel shades + Disney = Heaven!

My Disney tops. Both are from Primark (AGAIN!…They are great for Disney stuff) and they will all be coming to Florida with me for sure.

This shopper. My mum recently picked this up for me from Poundland, so it was a total bargain. Shoppers come in so handy and this is big enough to hold pretty much everything you could ever need it to. I think I might take it as a beach bag to hold my towel etc. on days that we visit the water parks.

I think I’ve learned two things from writing this post… that Primark have an amazing collection of Disney stuff and that I am most often covered head to toe in Disney – just find me in my dressing gown with my headphones on watching Disney Life haha!

Let me know what you love most about Disney – which is your fave film? And if you’ve been to Disney World, what was your fave theme park or ride?


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